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Kids' Town Preschool


We offer two different preschools at Kids' Town - our 2 hour preschool and our all-day/half-day preschool.

*Note: children must be 3 years old and fully potty trained by the day preschool starts. No exceptions!

We created two preschools that really only differ in the schedule and frequency of classes held in order to meet the different needs of as many families as possible in our area. The 2 hour preschool is held two days per week at set times (either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday with an option of adding on Fridays). The all-day/half-day preschool is held Monday through Friday (Mon-Thur in summers) and each child has a set schedule that he or she attends based on family needs. All of our teachers have college degrees, are licensed including background checks, are CPR certified, and have continuing education requirements. While Kids' Town offers a super fun environment for a preschool we are an education-based preschool where we focus on preparedness for kindergarten. Each day we do circle time, learning centers for letters, numbers, shapes, and colors as well as a craft. Click on the links below to find out more about each of our preschools or to register for future classes.

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