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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Kids' Town?

    • Kids' Town is an interactive discovery center for children and families. In some places centers like ours are called children's museums.​

  • What ages are appropriate?​

    • We have play areas and exhibits for toddlers all the way up to 10 years of age or older.​

  • Do you host birthday parties?​

    • Yes! We have a large private party room that can be reserved. We can decorate the party room for a specific theme and even provide a character host. Details can be found here on our party page where you can also book online.

  • Can Kids' Town be rented out for private events or parties?​

    • Yes! We offer center rentals for private events. Details can be found here on our party page.

  • How much is admission?​

    • Our prices can be found on our website here. We do offer discounted admission in a variety of ways which are usually found on our website or on Facebook and Instagram​. Please follow us on your social media platform of choice for savings.​

  • Do you offer season/annual passes?​

    • Yes! We offer Family Passes, Trio Passes, and Grandparent Passes which can be purchased online​ or in person. Prices and details can be found here.

  • Why does Kids' Town charge for adults?​

    • As with most other popular family entertainment, recreational activities, or venues, we charge for all guests that come to Kids' Town and hope that families will enjoy Kids' Town together as an interactive experience. Kids' Town is privately owned and operated and does not benefit from any grants or taxpayer subsidies. Every person who enters Kids' Town counts against the building capacity limitations, has access to our restrooms, drinking fountain, and benefits from heating, cooling, insurance, staffing, cleaning, sanitizing, and all other things that make up our operational costs. We strive to be as affordable and accessible as possible with admission, staffing and other operating costs lower than many other family attractions in our region. Annual memberships and our advertised discounts offer very cost-effective ways to be able to visit Kids' Town many times over a year.

  • Does Kids' Town accept reciprocal passes from other discovery centers or museums?

    • We are not currently part of any reciprocal passes or affiliated with any other centers.​

  • What else does Kids' Town have to offer?​

    • In addition to daily admission to our discovery center, we also have preschool classes for ages 3 to 5, dance classes for all school age children, POUND classes, STEM classes, and more. We are always looking for ways to provide educational and fulfilling activities for children of all ages.​

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